Subscribe and use across AppleIDs

Hi there, I have been using Agenda for a while and want to subscribe, however I use it on devices with multiple AppleIDs (both personal and work). The fact that subscriptions are tied to AppleID via in-app purchase makes me hesitant to make the purchase since it will not be useful on 1/2 of my machines and devices. The addition of Dropbox is excellent and a step toward making this a reality.

My question is: is there a way to buy the full feature set and will it associate to my Agenda Account and have it work and sync (via Dropbox) on both my AppleIDs?


Yes, in fact that is exactly how it works. The purchase gets associated with your Agenda ID, and the Apple ID is only used for actually paying, and for iCloud sync. It is perfectly fine to purchase on a device with your AppleID, signed in with your Agenda account, and then go to a different computer with a different AppleID, and sign in with the same Agenda account to get the features there as well.

Hope that helps!

Perfect! Thank you.

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If your work IT department hasn’t locked down your Mac completely, you can also sign in to the Apple store with your personal ID and install the app, then switch back the Apple store login to the corporate ID you’re using. (just don’t change the associated iCloud account on your work machine)

You’d need to sync via DropBox if you want to sync to machines associated with multiple iCloud accounts.