Subfolders in a project

What I did:
Created a new project in Other Projects. Moved it to a Category called the Grid. Wanted to add the new project as a sub project if you like of Battery Storage

What happened:
Could not do it. Not unexpected. As the Category Sub Category Projects system is suboptimal. And use of Sub Categories is discouraged by design.

What I expected:
To simply drop the new project as a subproject.
Work round, created four additional projects and transferred notes appropriately. Time consuming and inefficient, though the category is now better organized.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

There is no concept of subprojects in Agenda. You can nest as many categories as you like for structure, but the projects with the notes are leaves in the tree.

If you objective is to move the notes from GEOTHERMAL to STORAGE, best to go into GEOTHERMAL, select all, and drag the notes to STORAGE on the left.

If you just want to group the two, you could make a subcategory and move the two into that.

You can also create overviews using tags on Search All. This is another way to organize across projects.

Hope that helps!

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