Subcategories for Overview?

As I make more use of saved searches, the list of them gets longer. If I collapse ‘Overview’ to hide clutter, I lose one-click access to Agenda.

It would be great to have more control over Overview:

  • by being able to add sub-categories
  • being able to drag items in the Overview to arrange them into one’s preferred order.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll consider it.

Bring us Overview subcategories and reordering please! I could then group things into logical sections and stop using numerals in front of their names to order them.


+1 !!

Adding one vote here: Overview subcategories and reordering please are important!

+1 for this - I’ve been using Agenda for about a month now and I already have 12 Smart Overviews. I’m having to come up with creative names to arrange them as I want. Subcategories and the ability to reorder Smart Overviews would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m sure scalability was considered some time ago. A happy thought is that eyes have been on growth and seeing how the different parts are evolving. I hope they aren’t waiting for that LAST feature request. :face_with_spiral_eyes: I’d also like to contribute overview DNA to the pool. I’m betting that it will be part of a larger plan than just Overviews though. Perhaps something like a work group of selected projects/overviews from the collapsed tree.

In the meantime I save one overview of 2 weeks back and 2 forward which fits me. I can quickly adjust down if necessary and not save.

Thanks for sharing @BruceN.

I find I am able to think daily for the current week, and then weekly for the next 4-6 weeks. As in, I can pretty effectively plan out what I will do on any particular day in the current week, and then what I’ll do each week (without a specific day) in the next 4-6 weeks. I create dedicated smart overviews for each week, like this:

Weekly smart overviews

I use a star emoji to flag the current week.

I find this way of thinking in weeks works really well for me because I can immediately tell how many weeks I have to do something, whereas when it’s just a future date somehow it’s much harder for me to rationalise the amount of time between now and then. Others may not have this problem and it might just be the way my brain works!

I only started using Agenda back in Feb, so I’m not overwhelmed by Smart Overviews yet. I could potentially delete old ones, but I like being able to jump back to any week by its week number, so I’d prefer to be able to keep them and organise them into categories.

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