Sub-categories are rewritten?

What I did: I create sub-category in a category. The main category names “Rutgers”, then I add a sub-category names “Junior”.

What happened: the sub-category’s name was changed into “Rutgers > Junior”.

What I expected: the catogory’s name should remain as previous one.

Strange, could it be that you changed the name of the category by editing it directly at the top of the notes (where the popover is shown from in the screenshot you sent)?

It’s been 2 weeks and this problem has not happen since last time. Maybe my own MacBook problem. I would keep finding this root cause.

No it’s not your MacBook, I have found out how to reproduce it and we’ll try to prevent it from happening.

Unfortunately, it happens again today when I rewrite my item topic’s name at the top of the notes :frowning:

Update: This issue should be fixed in the next update