Style type H2 text disappears

What I did:

Typed using H2 style

What happened:

When typing a sentence and I am at right edge of page, words auto move to next line. When that happens text on second line is not showing when typing. Text shows after using a period or moving to next paragraph.

What I expected:

See text while typing.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iOS 13.2 on iPhone
Agenda v9

Yep. Confirmed.

I can’t reproduce this problem. For me, it autoscrolls when the line wraps, regardless whether using H2 or some other style.

Perhaps there is some other factor. Are you seeing this problem in all notes, or just a specific note? Anything special about that specific note? Eg. Is it the first note in the project?

Perhaps screenshot of the note will give some ideas.

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I made a screen recording which I can’t upload due to size issues. But you can download it from my iCloud

Video of issue.

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Hmm, I have seen what you mean. Thanks!

Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t Not sure what the common trigger is. Doesn’t seem to be related to the actual style you choose. I have seen it with body and with H2.

We will look further. Thanks for reporting this.

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I think I may have found the trigger sequence.

  1. Attach document.

  2. Move down 3 lines under attachment. (Note first text line does not do it, second text line does not do it, third does do it.

Hope this helps.

Don’t know. May just be a coincidence. I just tried to test it here with an image attachment, and no image attachment, and it was wrapping there fine. So still not sure what is really triggering it.