Style is inherited when subsequent text is removed on macOS

What I did:

Added styled text underneath a heading and removed this text.

What happened:

The heading style gets applied when the text was removed. Also the note view collapses so the edited part gets hidden.

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda 9.1.1
macOS 10.14.6


We are aware of the problem where you delete some text, and end up with the style from the previous paragraph (eg heading). Will certainly look to fix this as soon as we get some time.

We are not aware of the issue with collapsing. I guess you mean the note becomes the wrong size, correct? Hitting return will usually fix a glitch like that.

Do you have some steps we can do that will trigger this problem every time, or did you just see it once?

Kind regards,

You’re right with the “collapsing”. That’s basically the wrong size. You can also see the behavior in the attached screencast.

Sorry, I somehow missed the screencast. That is 100% clear, and 100% reproducible. Thanks!

We will investigate and fix this as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting this.

Kind regards,