Strange Behavior When Sharing to Email


This has happened a couple of times now:

What I did: Used “Send by Email” from the menu to send a note

What happened: Some part of the note were not copied over into the email. Sometimes it’s the last word of the first heading; this most recent time it was the last word of the note.

What I expected: That the whole note would be copied

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I’m on an iMac, OS 10.15.7



Any chance you had just added/typed those words that weren’t included?

Another question: Did the note have a & symbol, and are you using Outlook?

Do you mean that I clicked on “send by email" before I added/typed those words into the note? No, I am 100% certain that’s not the case. But you do make me wonder: Is it possible that I am clicking on the menu link before the note is saved to the database, or something like that?

No, I’m not using Outlook and there’s no symbol in any of the notes this happened to. I should add, because your question made me think of it, that it doesn’t happen to all notes that I share by email. As far as I can tell now, it tends to happen in notes that are drafts of poems, in which there are line breaks rather than paragraphs between lines. However, the text that isn’t copied to the email seems to be either the end of the title, and there is a paragraph at the end of that line, or the last line of the poem.

And this is when sharing to the system Mail application through the Share in the main menu bar correct? Any chance you could email one of those non-sharable notes by exporting it as an Agenda file (File > Export) and emailing it to

I will have to see if I can remember which ones it happened to. If not, I will send it the next time it happens.