Stored filters lost some notes

What I did:
Add tag with parameter to some notes #Tag(Param)
Create and save search with tag or tag and parameter.

What happened:
After some time (days) some notes have disappeared from all searches (see screens)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 7.0, Mac OS 10.15

Does it work if you just search for #G5?

No it doesn’t

Just tested in my copy, and it seemed to work for #G5 and #G5(Goal). I assume the tag is in the note content, not the title.

If you delete the tag, and retype it, wait 5 secs for index to update, and then search, does it now work?

Something else to be careful of: it is quite easy to accidentally add a date filter, or an on-the-agenda filter. Make sure they are off.

No dates or other filters. It has just again lost some tags.

When I’ve clicked on the tag in the lost note and select Search from the tag menu the note begins to show on search again. The third note is still lost (doesn’t show in search).

To me it sounds like somehow the search index may not be up to date. A small edit anywhere in the note should trigger a reindex.

The problem is that is not the fist time. It’s already second time and again with this tags.

Any fixes for that? Should we stop using tags with “()”?

What about some special menu item to reindex all notes? Like mailbox rebuild in the apple mail.

You could trigger a rebuild on macOS by…

  1. Opening Finder
  2. Choosing Go > Go to Folder
  3. Entering ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos/Data/Documents/Agenda
  4. Trashing the DerivedInfo folder
  5. Launching Agenda

It should rebuild you library.

Note that the coming 9.1 version has some fixes that may play a role here. Not sure though.


Hi there,

I’ve found how to reproduce the problem. If I’m searching for tag with extra space at the end in search string it can fount notes but after I’ve saved search it stop finding notes.

Ah that’s a great find, we’ll have a look if we can fix that.