Store agenda data elsewhere

Agenda feels like one of those apps that I might put a lot of important information into. There is some safety in that you are using iCloud, and peeking inside the agenda files I see it is stored as zipped JSON, not gibberish binary.

I still wish there was an option to mirror everything elsewhere. So I could have save a sensible folder hiarchy of markdown notes (with attachments if possible) stored in a folder of my choice. That way I could put that in Dropbox, my Synology or somewhere else. Having a hierarchy is important, dumping all files to a single folder is not sustainable.

I understand that writing this to the filesystem is not something you would like to do on every keystroke. Iā€™d be fine if it happened say once a day, on exit, some other interval or even as a manual option.

Thanks for the feedback. We do have some ideas about a feature like this. Stay tuned!