Station Compatibility?

Are there any future plans to make Agenda compatible with “Station”? I love agenda, but at the moment i’m finding it difficult to smoothly bring into my current workflow.

I am not aware of Station. What is it exactly?

Hi Drew,

Station is a workflow/ productivity programme, where you can place any compatible apps all into one place (your station), you’d then switch between tabs within station as opposed to switching between apps.

It currently works with hundreds of apps as presets, if you can see my screenshot, I tried adding my own custom app for agenda as there as an option to link through online login with limited integration, however it doesn’t seem to work, when I add the agenda login link.

The combination of project management programmes, email and online storage means i’m only missing a certain date focused note taking app!

I took a look, but it seems Station is for web apps, so it won’t work with Agenda. Agenda is a native macOS and iOS app. Sorry I don’t have better news.