“Start the Day” action or setup

I use a particular Google calendar (synced to my Mac) to record all business meetings. I always take meeting minutes. What I would like to do is have a “start the day” action to grab all the events on this calendar for the current day and create individual notes for each in Today. That way I’m ready to go and take notes as the relevant meeting occurs.

Alternative to that would be being able to select all those events in the sidebar and tell Agenda to create invidual notes for each selected event.

Is either of these approaches feasible — or is there a different approach?

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I do really like that idea and it would be very useful but… how would Agenda manage the projects where those notes should be added? An option to set that should be added too. Because events are linked to notes and notes to projects.

I have a project called “Inbox”. That “Start the day” action could add the notes to it and then I would manually move them to the corresponding project. But there would always be a manual step to do.

I don’t know.

In my case, I have one calendar for the same project and all of its subproject – it’s a multi-year program involving 20 or so sub-projects. So I just start my day putting the events at the top level of the program hierarchy in my Agenda projects set up and move events down to sub-projects as needed. Other than what I suggested, above, it’s not something that would easily lend itself to configuration or automation.

It sounds like this could be something for a Shortcut, I know @heyscottyj is using them for these kind of scenarios. Worth checking his posts in the Shortcuts section of the community.