Start and end times for repeating all day events

Let’s say I have a hotel stay on the calendar. Checking is 11:00 AM on day 1, and checkout is 9:00 AM on day 5. Usually I just add “hotel stay at blah blah” as a five-day repeating event. I would like to make it a five day repeating event but with the actual check-in and check-out times on days 1 and 5. I suppose could make three events, one for day 1, one for day 5 and another all-day event that extends from day 2 through day 4. But that seems like a lot of work. The five-day all-day event doesn’t bother me, but I like to have precision in my Agenda notes.


Is this a problem even handled inside Apple’s Calendar? I think in that case I would just manually have to tweak things. Either all day events, or copying an event to each day, and changing any dats with a different time. Not sure Agenda could do anything in this area to make it easier, but if you have a vision for how it should work, let us know.

Actually after some additional testing this works out well especially with Fantastical Calendar. (Apple’s too but on iPad Fantastical is easier.)

If I create an event with start and end times defined but on different dates, then Agenda nicely shows the event on the first date at the correct time, and likewise on the last date. In between, Agenda shows the event as “All Day”.

Just need to change my method for posting multiple date events.

OK, glad there is workaround at least.