#star: quick-search and spacing

I like the look of the star-tag. It is really fast to recognize, while I’m scrolling my notes.
Because I use Agenda on Mac, iPhone and iPad it would be great, if the star behaves like a tag, on which I can click resp. long-tap with the following options:

  • delete the tag/star
  • search after it
    • within the project
    • or all notes

So first, it is sometimes nasty to delete the star on iPhone, and second I would not need a smart-overview for the star, and can search for it out of a note.

As a remark, I found a strange behavior of the star (on Mac). If you activate the star-symbole, it comes with an extra space. But when you deactivate it, the space remains. So if you – whyever you would do this – activate and deactivate the star a couple of times, you create a large extra space (as shown in the video). I think it is not necessary to fix that, but I wanted to give you the feedback.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

I have a feeling you can already search for #star to find the stars. (I could. be wrong, but worth trying)

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll see if we can improve star and other tags/commands in future.

(I guess in theory you could insert an emoji in notes, and search for that. May be an alternative.)

Kind regards,

Yes, I can search #star by the search-function (cmd-F etc. on Mac or magnifying glass button), but not by tab on it, like I can other tags or Person on iPhone.
If I tab on a tag on iPhone, it pops up the options to search for it, rename it or delete it. I am not able to do that with the star.

Well it’s not important at all, since I can use another tag instead of the star. But I like the look of the star-tag, because it’s outstanding: an eye-catcher.

Makes sense, we’ll see if we can make it show the menu.

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