#star is too discrete

I find the star icon, created by typing #star, is not very visually obvious. Which rather defeats the object of making a starred paragraph stand out!

Could the star be placed at the beginning, rather than the end, of a paragraph? That way one only needs to run one’s eye down the straight left hand margin, rather than zigzagging down the ragged right hand margin?

Failing that, a larger star would help.


It’s probably better to use a tag if you find #star not fit your needs, for instance #important.

I think I’ll have to! However I do like the idea of a strong visual indicator, but the location of star doesn’t help.

How do you intend #star to be used?

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How do you intend #star to be used?

The short answer: as you see fit. Long answer, there’s no single way we have intended, it’s a way to mark or flag a paragraph. Which can be “as important”, “as to-do”, “to follow up” etc etc Each user can have its own use case.


In those uses, it still seems to me that the position of the star at the end of the para is not as obvious as it should be.

Why not make star behave like other tags, so the user can design where they’d like it to appear in the paragraph?