Great app. The stability is a huge need when syncing from one device to another. It would be nice to have a Web version to help avoid these issues.

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This would just add to the problem. A web app would just be a another platform, in addition to the Mac and iOS. We would not be changing everything to be an app like Facebook, where everything just works in a browser. Native apps have a lot of advantages, such as working offline, which you don’t have with web apps. A note taking app that doesn’t work offline is not a very useful note taking app.

So including a web app would not help here. We would still have to sync the data, and it would even make it a little more difficult, because we would have one more platform to sync.

There have been some reports that Apple’s iCloud has had issues, but that the latest betas of iOS and macOS seem to be working much better. Fingers crossed that they have fixed some of these issues.



Does the Premium Version offer more stability?

The premium version is identical to the free version in every aspect except for the premium features being unlocked.

Are there particular issues you are seeing with the sync? Is it that some data doesn’t sync across, or just takes a while?

You can try restarting devices. If iCloud is the problem, that might help.

Otherwise, it might be a question of letting the devices “catch up”, after which they will be fast again with sync. For me personally, I see data usually appear on other devices in 10 seconds. That is how fast it should be.

Usually, this is simply a case of giving the device enough time to upload/download the data. You could hold Agenda in the foreground for a while, just stopping your device from going to sleep, to give it time. If you don’t want to to have to constantly keep the device from “sleeping”, you can turn off the Autolock in the Settings.

Repeat this on each device, letting it sync for around 20 minutes. Usually that will allow everything to upload and download, and it will be fast after that.

Note that you can see if it is syncing by looking for the cloud icon at the bottom of the right panel. It appears when there is sync activity.