Spreadsheet support with automatic calculations functionality in Agenda

I know this may be a little bit wild, but I’ll attempt to make this suggestion anyway: I quite like Agenda a lot, and it makes me want to stick with the ecosystem for everything. I love Agenda because it’s very flexible, powerful and user-friendly. The UI is top-notch, and UX is very practical. Every detail and scratches seem to matter to Agenda designers.

Agenda is like an iCloud equivalent to me on the realm of information storage. I’d love to be able to create spreadsheets in Agenda itself to make use of auto calculation functionality. If I were to use 3rd party application for my spreadsheet, it slightly disrupts my UX and informational hub as I’d have to keep a record of the external file location/file type/platform in Agenda notes instead of just viewing it straight from Agenda app. Alternatively, if Agenda developers decide to rule out spreadsheet/spreadsheet-like functionality for Agenda, then I propose Agenda to facilitate embedding of external spreadsheets then. But I wouldn’t propose built-in spreadsheets if not because I love Agenda so much and just want to do everything inside Agenda instead of switching around different applications/platforms.

I’ve attached a screenshot of how I use Agenda for personal finance records, and why supporting automated calculations would be useful to me.

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I’d love to see simple spreadsheet functions in Agenda tables!

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When you talk about tables/spreadsheets you mean Notion-like tables? In there you have a lot of pre-build formulae and also the possibility to add a formula of your own from basic operations.
That would be nice yes. But there are so many exciting things comming in next versions of Agenda that probably this feature will take some time more…(?) This thing of Apple dividing the OS in three (Mac, iPhone and iPad) maybe came to slow down the intro of new features like the one you are proposing. But I endorse your wish! :grinning:

If I want Notion like stuff, I’ll go to Notion!

For me, Agenda is a sophistically paper note book where I can jot down anything from a shopping list to an outline of an article.

Keeping with the paper metaphor, what I’d like is the ability to do back of envelope calculations - eg a simple budget, a table with budget headings, costs and a sum total.

Just basic arithmatic functions.

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Note that you can already embed documents in Agenda files, including spreadsheet files. We made it possible to edit these as well, so you could embed an excel or numbers file, and even edit it with the changes going back into Agenda.

For now, we feel you are better off with an app like Numbers, and embedding the file, than if we try to add Numbers functions to Agenda. We do have a few ideas about different types of calculation functionality, and there is even some basic arithmetic already built in using \expression, but we have to be careful to keep focussing on the core features of Agenda, which still need work.

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Can you please remind us what you mean by ‘embed’ a Numbers file and how to do it?

Is the actual spreadsheet visible and editable from within the Agenda note?

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You can simply add a Numbers file as an attachment in Agenda, what’s also possible since Agenda 14 is to open the attachment (via the popover or by double clicking), edit it in Numbers, save it and it should update the attachment in Agenda as well.

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