Spelling underlines don’t go away

On the iPad, if I spell a word incorrectly a red underline appears under the word. If I correct it the red underline remains. A small thing but still it can be annoying.

I have seen this myself, but I’m not sure it is something in our own code. I have a feeling it is Apple’s OS that is doing that, since we leave the spelling up to the OS.

We’ll try to investigate. Thanks!

BTW Do you see this all the time, or just sometimes? Ie does it happen for all spelling errors, or just some? If just some, can you identify the circumstances in which it seems to happen?

It happens all the time for me and I haven’t seen this with other apps.

So you mean it happens literally every time you see the red squiggle and correct the error? The red stays there every time, or just most times?

Does pressing return clear the red squiggle?