Spellcheck issues

I’m personally having issues with the spellcheck, I am not entirely sure if it’s my Macbook or the app, but it does not pick up on spelling mistakes, If it’s my MacBooks fault my bad, but if the app doesn’t have this system in place, I would personally find it very useful.

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You can configure that in the Edit menu. Just make sure you have the settings there that you want, for checking as you type.

Note that the spell check only shows when you have selected a note. We thought it would be too distracting if every note shows the spell checking, even when inactive.


Most Mac apps have this on by default. I would recommend this for Agenda as well. Despite any personal dislike you may have to the feature, it’s a pretty standard thing these days.

Thanks Drew, I had this issue and I thought something was broken/missin too. Maybe it’s something to communicate with customers about (a setup or intro screen when they first install the app, for example).