Spell check in note titles, adding notes to bottom of projects

Hi there,

I just started using Agenda, and I am intrigued to be part of a community so invested in the values of note-taking. I’m quite pleased with the app, but there is one thing that has bugged me considerably so far.

I created 3 new personal projects. In each, I’ve noticed that I cannot add notes to the bottom of a project, no matter what I try. I found the keyboard shortcuts for moving a note within a project to be ineffective for me within the Mac app.

Having my plans in a certain order is a huge benefit to me. Being forced to drag each new note to the bottom is a hinderance. I find myself wishing I could just hit a key that will enable me to start a new note at the bottom, which is where I want it in the sequence.

There is a setting for this. Click on the project title at the top of the list of notes. You see a jump menu of notes. At the bottom is a setting for the order that you have the notes in. Changing this should put new notes at the bottom.


Wow, I never would have guessed that. Thanks Drew.