Speed up months

I’ve had some old content I want to add to Agenda, and for things in previous years, the date picker can be quite slow. I can’t rapidly tap in the month changer and have it quickly change months. There’s a maximum pace for changing months, and it’s not very fast.

Please speed it up or add an easier way to get to dates further in the past.

Thank you!

You could use the „Type Date or Range“ Function for this! That way you can type the Date you want to assign to a Note directly in there, instead of scrolling through the Dates.
You can use the (down facing) Arrow in the Date-Picker to get to the Presets to use the „Type Date or Range“ Function.

Hope this helps!

Indeed, as @user721 mentions typing is the fastest, you actually don’t even need to click on the arrow, you can just start typing.

Another tip if you like a more visual approach is to hold the alt/option key while pressing the up/down arrow at the top, the calendar will then jump per year instead of per month.

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Thank you both for the tips. I would like to maintain my request and offer additional feedback on the suggestions.

For dates that are relatively close, the additional hidden options in the date picker seem like overkill when it would be nice to just very quickly tap the month up a few times.

As for the second down arrow, I never noticed that and never would have guessed it did anything different than the first down arrow. I recommend at least adding a word to it so we know it has additional functionality.

There is no “just start typing” when using the iPad with a touchscreen interface and on-screen keyboard without a physical keyboard.

I’ve learned some things from this, and I would still request a speed increase on the month changer.

Truthfully, the date changer isn’t the only thing that’s slow in Agenda. A lot of the user interface elements seems to have a minimum delay to them.

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The fast way (faster than using the buttons) would be to simply scroll on the iPad…

Oh that is faster. Thank you!

I didn’t know that was an option.

One way to let people know they can do that would be to show part of a line from the next month or cut off from the end so people can see that feature is available.

Thank you, again!

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Indeed, we’ll consider that