Spark - no longer exporting emails

What I did: been export emails to agenda…

What happened: now stopped working …every time it comes up with There is no application set to open the URL com.readdle.spark.xcallback.dist://x-callback-url/service-export-success/create-note/40029CE3-C7E8-41FB-97E4-3B8390044B39?note=A83DAE0D-6E3B-4D74-898F-A33C82002B1B.

I then have select spark every time……

What I expected: it to work……

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I’m afraid this is a configuration issue on Spark’s end, can you send this to their support?

Same problem here. You should mail Nikol Smoliarenko from The Spark Support Team.
He’s working on this exact same problem. You can reach him at

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I’ve just got confirmation from the Spark folks that they’ve fixed it in their next update. Thanks for reporting the issue and a big thanks to them for fixing it!