Sorting the agenda view

What I did: Added a new project with a later date than the one I already had added.

What happened: It placed the newer project on top of the older one.

What I expected: I expected the newer project to be placed beneath the first/older one. Neither have taken place yet - both set for the future, just different dates.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): This is on iOS 12 beta and on macOS High Sierra. Other than that, software seems great. Just either need a way to sort the order of the projects on the agenda, or by default have the newer ones show below the older ones.

The Agenda timeline begins at the top (most recent) by default. You can reverse the order by tapping the project title at the top of the notes to bring up a menu, and going to the bottom of the menu.


Hi Drew,
Thanks for the information. I tried it but didn’t see the possibility. I do see what appears to be the option to arrange notes inside a project in chronological order. But the projects on the agenda overview don’t seem to have the option to re-order. I took a screen shot, please take a look.



Hi Seth,

Indeed, the overviews currently always show notes grouped by their projects (which are ordered in the same way as they shown in the sidebar). The notes within the same project are ordered in the same way as they appear in the project. We plan to add an ungrouped mode and more sort options for the overviews in the future.


Yes please for ungrouped mode.

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Thank you!