Sorting order in Agenda view

Now the notes have obviously the sorting order category / sub category / project and then date.
Therefore I see at the moment no option to get the notes displayed in chronological order in the Agenda view. Is there a solution?

Hi H Dittrich,
I don’t think there’s the kind of feature you are requesting. Even in Search Mode, with In Agenda on, the notes are grouped by Project and follow the order you gave them in the left pane. The chronological order is only within the Projects’ notes themselves.
Myself included would have found useful this feature because it would sort automatically my notes by course I’m attending each day.
Hope this was helpful,


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Hi Riccardo,
thanx a lot for the fast reply.
Please put it on the ToDo list
In the future it would be great to have the option to choose from😉

cheers and stay safe and healthy — Helmut


I think this is a pretty clear opportunity for Agenda, no doubt the devs know about it, and lots of people are looking forward to the day when it’s possible.

In the mean time, you might find this post about Agenda’s structure useful for making decisions on how to organize your content.

+1 for the same feature.

It would be a nice improvement.