Sorting On the Agenda

When added some projects in ‘On the Agenda’ page, I can’t sort it manually, and sort of projects can’t be changed, is it possible to make it like ‘Pin’ notes and drag note wherever I want in a project.


On the Agenda is a dynamically generated list of notes from other projects. It is like a saved search, and updates whenever you click on the yellow dot of one of your notes.

Because it is autogenerated, manual ordering doesn’t make that much sense. It’s more like search results, and can change any time.

But offering other sort options is something we would like to do. Eg. we hope to allow date sort, etc in future.

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Date sort is good! Looking forward to you guys.

I would love it if “Changed date” was included as a sort option. I often am working on the the same note for a little while and it would be good to have it at the top of the list.

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Note that in the right panel, there is a “Recently Edited” list. That should show anything you have recently updated.

True and I find that useful, but I was referring to sorting in the On the Agenda section in addition to searches. But I agree that the section in the right panel works for most of my needs.

Thanks for the response

Ah, I see. Yes, sorting by modification date would make sense as one of the options.

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