Sorting of projects and categories



It would be great to have the functionality to move the projects and categories in order by drag&drop.
Currently, I can only change order by starting the names with 01/02/03/…


Thanks for the feedback! This is a common request, and certainly on our radar.


Just a quick +1 for this.

I’m using Agenda to track active and on-deck creative projects and ideas for projects across a range of categories (writing, video, performance, etc).

Generally only a few projects are actually active at a time, and to get those to the top and more visible within their respective categories, I’m hacking my sorting by adding a ★ character to the beginning of certain pinned projects within their respetive categories. Works, but would be nice to have a supported way to “pin” a project.


Sorting of notes can be nice too. I am a new user, maybe I missed it:(


You can sort the notes within a project by clicking the project title (see below). This topic is more about sorting projects within the sidebar.