Sorting of a list

When an item is ticked off “done", it would be so useful if it dropped to the bottom of the list, rarther than just sat there.

Any plans to do this please?




Not automatic, but on a mac or device with a keyboard connected I think ctrl+command+B does this.

(edit: just realized how useless this suggestion is if you are working on an iOS device without a keyboard, so I updated the text)

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Thanks VM and on a MAC, clicking in the list, CTL+CMD+B does it! …….would love it to be auto though :slight_smile:


We would like to make it option to be automatic in the future, can’t promise a when yet though.


Thanks and it is basic function of a list to tick it off, please push it up the list for us paying customers :slight_smile: thanks, David

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Highly agree for this to be automatic. it’s very logical.

For me, action lists are generally in a logical sequence of steps, and it would actually be unhelpful for completed actions to move to the bottom – because the whle list helps me see the overall shape of the project or task.

However, I do also have other lists, eg shopping lists, or a list of unconnected actions I need to power through, where having completed actions drop out of the way would be useful!

So, if this feature was introduced, I’d like to have option to apply it on a list by list basis - not just turn it on or off in prefs for every list throughout Agenda.