Sorting Notes within a Project

Hi - I would find it very helpful if it were possible to automatically move completed (ticked) Notes within a Project to the bottom of the Project list. I have some Projects with 20+ Notes and it would be helpful to see more easily which have been dealt with and which have not. Is that possible now, or planned for the future? Thanks

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We’ll keep it in mind. Note that you can mark notes as “Footnotes”. This pins them to the bottom. Perhaps that is a workaround for you.

How about holding down the option key while selecting ‘make footnote’ also collapsed the note? I tend to use footnotes for stuff that needs to stay with the project, but I rarely need, and collapsing them keeps things tidier!

Not sure it warrants a separate shortcut. It’s pretty easy to select a few notes and collapse them. But we’ll take it in on board. Thanks!

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