Sorting notes by calendar date

In this project, I have attached calendar dates to several of the notes and I expected the notes to order themselves with the first due date of “tomorrow” listed at the top and the others with attached dates following sequentially underneath them. As you can see, the “tomorrow” notes are near the bottom and there are notes in the middle that don’t have dates attached to them.

I know about the ability to click on the project header and sort by “earliest/latest” date but doing this doesn’t re-order the notes chronologically. I also know I can create a saved search of “today/tomorrow/this week” or something similar but this means any notes outside the chosen date range or without a date don’t appear.

Can someone please advise if notes can simply be ordered by the attached calendar date and if so, why are notes without dates appearing in between those that do?


By default, notes are in reverse chronological order. The ones most recent, ie, most important, are at the top.

As you mention, you can change this order by clicking the project title at the top, and choosing the menu item at the bottom. That should reverse the order. Are you saving it does not reverse the order? Can you send a screenshot of what happens when you choose that option?

(Note that the option is per project. You need to change the order for each project you want to be ordered the other way.)

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Another question/idea regarding sorting order. I understand the sort options of latest dates first or earliest dates first and that it is on a per project basis.

Currently if I sort by “earliest date first” all non-dated notes are at the top, followed by the dated notes at the bottom. Can that behavior be modified so that the dated notes appear at the top of the list with non-dated notes at the bottom?

I prefer the earliest date first view so that my most important task are at the top. My non-dated notes are less important, which is why they aren’t dated. Having to scroll through all of the less important notes before getting to my dated tasks slows down my workflow causing some frustration.

Thanks for all your doing with this app.

Can that behavior be modified so that the dated notes appear at the top of the list with non-dated notes at the bottom?

I’m afraid that we won’t go this way as it would not allow you to mix non-dated notes with dated notes and force you to assign a date to all notes in a project. Given that non-dated notes can be sorted to any position in the project the solution is to select them, hold the alt/option key and use Note > Move to > After Last Note. This will move the note to the end of the project.

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I appreciate the quick response. That achieves exactly what I wanted to do.


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