Sort 'On the Agenda by date?

What I did: Tried to find an Sort by Date function for On the Agenda

What happened: Nothing found

What I expected: A way to filter the On the Agenda area by date

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
version 11.2.1 Mac OS Big Sur

The order of the notes in the On the Agenda overview is determined by their order within the project the notes belong to. If you flip the sort order in the project, they will also change order in On the Agenda. In addition the order of the projects shown is determined by the order of the projects in the sidebar. In the future we hope to offer more sort options for the overviews, including the ability to show the notes in an ungrouped fashion.

Regarding filtering the On the Agenda notes by date, you can filter notes by clicking the loupe and then use the calendar icon to set a date range the displayed notes should be filtered on:

Thank you - I think I understand and will give that a shot!

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