Sort by Title

Thanks for all your deeds.
It is not the first time I post this request: Agenda would help me more if I can sort the notes also by title, not only chronologically.

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You can manually reorder notes that have no dates. Just drag them around.

Agenda has a strong focus on time, so having notes with dates in a random order probably wouldn’t fit our model. But notes without dates can certainly be put in any order you like.

We do have plans to allow search results etc to be in different orders. Stay tuned for that.

OK. Good to know the principle. Thanks !

Thanks. I believe this feature is super important because some of us want to be able to alphabeticize our notes in a project, a bit like the index of a book. Please bring it on ASAP!

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I thank you for your super support !
Because we are so used to list up (any)things in alphabetical order, I believe it would be a good option even for a “strongly-on-time-focused” App like Agenda. Sincerely

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