Sort by title and numbered notes

I’ve just created a bunch of notes that I wanted to sort in numbered order in their own project. I choose “Sort by Title”. Things were looking good until I reached note number 10. Here is a very simplified version of my problem:
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.58.59
In this setup, I would expect “Note 10” to be sorted at the bottom of the note list. I understand the technical reasons that lead to this ordering, but it could be better :slight_smile:

User here: if you precede 1 thru 9 with 0 it will work. Title is sorting characters; not a numerical sort.

Yes, the 0 trick is probably your best bet. Not sure what we could do directly to help.Technically that is alphabetical ordering.

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Yeah, technically it is alphabetical ordering, but we don’t need to be constrained by technicalities when it makes sense.

I might be wrong but it looks like this is already present in UIKit

We’ll check if the framework can help here indeed

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Thanks, in the meantime I’ll use the 0 trick :blush:

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