Sort by & new entry location

Whenever I click + button to create a new entry in project, it looks like the new entry is created randomly. somtimes it follows the latest entry I previously created or it is created below the currently displayed entry. is there a rule where new entry is created?

another problem I am seeing is that, whenever I try to use ‘Sort by’ feature(using Mac), it virtually does nothing. I can see that the order of my entries in project does not change at all. I tried by assigned, created, edited and nothing moves. any idea why it behaves this way?

Thank you,

The plus button places the note where it belongs in terms of the currently selected sort order, which can feel a bit random for some sort methods (like by title, where it will end up sorted on the U of Untitled Note.

The same goes for some of the sort options, for example assigned date and created date might not differ much for many notes.