Sort Agenda

Not sure if this exists on the premium version but if 3D Touch can be used to select and sort the order of tasks or notes on the agenda page to rearrange an order or set priorities of notes or tasks and auto sort? Please let me know if this exists on the free version and I’m not finding the settings or on the premium version or already in the works. Thank you.

You mean like this?

BTW I collapsed all the topics because this is a work project and some things are confidential.

Nice. Thank you for the response. That’s moving notes within a project, but I mean looking at the “On The Agenda” screen and sort projects instead of just pinning at the top. I have an iPhone XS max, but I don’t see the 3D Touch working to sort right from there.

That would be a great implementation for 3d touch on the app.

Right now I think it’s only sorted alphabetically, so I put a “!” on my tasklist category so it always stays on top.

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True. I do that with bookmarks for webpages so they come come up quicker when I forget even part of the name for the link. !, #, or @. Yes either sort manually like that on the agenda page or from the agenda drop down once you’re in the page and see the projects bookmarked with headline notes.

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