Sort a search on #due dates, by date

I’ve now got a few #due dates in my notes. After a bit of confusion I have saved searches for #due within 3 days and #due within 10 days. But these aren’t shown by date order. As I think about it I realise one note might have more than one due date in it. Hmm. But something that resolves this would be helpful.

For now I’ll save searches of #due(today) and #due(tomorrow), but I actually wanted to avoid that so I could see my immediate tasks within the context of what’s coming up soon.

For note level dates, you are probably best to use the standard calendar dates attached. Note that you can setup a search for a particular date (eg 3 days from now), and save that as a saved search. You now have an overview of any note dated 3 days in the future.

We need to work more on the item level due dates. For now you can filter with a #due(…) search, and that should work. (You can’t use the standard calendar control for the search in this case.)


I think this is a great feature to have to support item level search.