Sometimes typed words don’t show up

Sometimes when I am typing on a keyboard on my iPhone, typed words stops showing up at the end of the sentence. It doesn’t automatically show up until I minimize the keyboard. Once it happens, it happens every time when sentence reaches at the end of the line and then again when I minimize the keyboard typed words show up in a line below.

Does this happen on every note?

I have a feeling when this happens, it usually means something has gone wrong inside the app. It is probably best at that point to force the app to quit (eg swipe up from bottom or double click home, and then swipe agenda screen to top to “kill” the app).

Let me know if that helps.

Kind regards,

No, it doesn’t happen in every note. It’s a random behavior. When it happens next time, I will kill the app and try again. Thank you.

It happens a lot especially when I am typing fast. I usually wait a few seconds or click on the note below. That usually solves the problem.

Is this particularly a problem in long notes, or in all notes?

Length of note does not matter. I have had it in short as well as longer notes.

Thanks for reporting it. We will see if we can find anything.