Some questions and suggestions

I used to use a lot of GTD and notetaking apps heavily, I downloaded Agenda for a long time until this morning I opened it for the first time and spent my whole morning digging into it. I have to say it’s really cool and I love it!

And I have some question when I use it:

  1. How to change the order of my categories?
  2. Can I create a folder in a category? or is it just in one-level?
  3. Can I create a catalog in a note?
  4. Will agenda have windows version in the future?

Btw, I found Agenda is only in English now, and some Chinese user commented that it will be great if Agenda will be in Chinese language either. So if you guys are interested in entering China market or simply want Agenda to be known by more Chinese users, I can help you guys to do the localization, or translation at least.


Hi Ryan,

  1. Categories can’t be reordered now, other than by naming in alphabetical order. It’s on our todo.
  2. Everything is one level deep for now. Nesting is also on our todo.
  3. Not sure what you mean exactly by “catalog”. Can you explain?
  4. We haven’t decided about Windows yet. For now we are focussing on getting important macOS and iOS features in before looking at other platforms.

Other languages are definitely planned. I will add you to our offers for Chinese. Thank you for offering to help!

Kind regards,

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Especially reordering categories will be really great! :slight_smile: