[SOLVED] Dropbox sync not working

What I did: I bought the premium features and tried to swich syncing to DropBox

What happened: I created the Dropbox account and synced the MacOS version successfully. Unfortunately, either iPhone nor iPad sync work. When I choose DropBox there is a little wheel that just keeps spinning without any message.

What I expected: I expected it to work as advertised :slight_smile:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): MacOS 10.14, iOS 13 on both iOS devices. email address for dropbox and agenda account are different

Thanks for you help!

I fixed it myself - the dropbox app was not installed, because I specifically had to create a dropbox account for Agenda. I hope you guys will offer OneDrive support soon.

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Glad you solved it. We will try to detect this scenario and warn in future. Sorry for the trouble.