Sneak peek: Remind Me Again Why I Love Agenda

If you share a list of reminders, just like when you share calendar events they indeed will show up in Agenda. Mind you, these reminders must have due dates (reminders without a date don’t show in Agenda), and your notes are not kept in sync with the notes field of the reminder. Hence it is not a way to share your notes with others in that respect.

Ah that makes sense, and I remember you or Drew explaining the reasoning behind both of those factors in other threads - thank you

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Very much looking forward to it!

BTW, are we going to be able to link agenda notes to reminders? Sometimes reminders require background information to complete and it would be great if we can link notes to reminders.

Looking great guys!

are we going to be able to link agenda notes to reminders?

You will be able to add reminders to items at the text level, not at the note level, i.e. events are linked to notes, reminders are linked to a paragraph of a note.


That is a really great way to do this. You guys are awesome.

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We are now a couple weeks out! Any updates as I can bet this whole thread is super anxious to get their hands on this feature.

I made the transition to Agenda at the beginning of the year, but still use OmniFocus religiously. Even without full Reminders use, this will still make getting those actions into OF much more seamless.

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It’s ready when it’s ready is the short answer, the long answer is that nobody benefits from releasing it any earlier but with bugs or a bad user experience. Compared to the sneak peak video we have identified a number of areas where we think it still needs a bit more polish. Current target is before the end of the month, good news is that you’ll be among the first to try as I see you have registered as a tester…


Great to hear and appreciate your comments about ensuring a quality experience! Thanks for the update.

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There is. It’s called GoodTask and I have it on my iPad. It’s not as good and extensive as OmniFocus and Things, but it’s good enough for many people. Having said that, if you sync with Reminders through OmniFocus, then all your reminders will be removed from Reminders in order not to end up with duplicates.

If you have OmniFocus 3, you can read their explanation from within the iOS app.

as mentioned here

2do really would be a nice „task view“ companion to complement the integration into Agenda. Since the big players (Things and OomniFocus) only import tasks, they are no option for a holistic system, sadly.

I love Things as well. There’s a feature that will show all Reminders of a particular list in the inbox of Things. It’s probably not ideal as it requires to manually put them in areas and projects, but it’s a start.

We also have to keep in mind, the rumor (a big rumor) is on iOS 13 & macOS 10.15 that the Reminders app is going to be redesigned. We will know on June 3 at WWDC but that could break this feature for beta users anyways…

Not to take anything away from 2do, but I have to take my hat off to what GoodTask has accomplished with the Reminders backend. Pair that up with Agenda and you could have an amazing combination!

Indeed, it seems Reminders is going to get some love at WWDC, but I expect this to be purely cosmetic, perhaps with a few new features. It is highly unlikely they will change anything about how the data is stored in synced, which is all based around the calendar store, and is a published API which other developers are encouraged to use. In agenda, we are only using the supported approach — there are no hacks which could easily break.


Sure would be nice to see you two guys on a stage together somewhere in a sunny California location…say on June 3rd…demoing the NEW Reminder feature to Agenda. Just thinking out loud!


Alas, no invite from Tim yet… :smile:

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But then you have to release as a beta just now :wink:

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Beta for Mac is ready to go, we’re wrapping up the iOS one as we speak, almost there…


We can’t wait…:blush:

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