Sneak peek: Remind Me Again Why I Love Agenda



That’s correct, given Agenda inserts reminders in store underlying the Reminders app, and the apps you mention do the same, the reminders you create in Agenda should also show in those apps and vice versa.


I can’t wait to have this one in my hands. Any ETA?


Great idea ! …


We hope to start the first betas soon.


I just read a recent article in Apple News that Apple is updating - revamping - the Reminder App.


Thank you for the response. I will be glad to send it through its paces.


Oh, that is interesting. Had not seen that.


Do you mind posting the link?


It says at the end of this article also that iOS 13 will likely have new Reminders app that will extend to Mac also. So a few websites are reporting it.


Big fan of both Agenda and 1Password but had never heard of MoneyWiz. Thanks for the steer.


Is Reminders integration in beta now? I’m in both beta programs and don’t see it yet.


No, not yet. It will be “soon”, according to the team!


Still a couple of weeks I think.


When will you launch for integrate reminder and password protect function?


Reminders is probably still a few weeks away.

We have not date for password protection. It is on our roadmap, but not in the next set of projects.


Wow! Excited for this new update. Hope to see more integration to third-party todo apps. Thanks!


This is the feature that will make me buy the premium version. Can’t wait.


I’m merely blown away by the level of detail and effort put into the video.

Smart call on not reinventing the wheel. Perhaps I can switch away from Things, Bear, and Ulysses.


Sweet! Can’t wait! Nice work :-))
…and yet another reason — why I :sparkling_heart: Agenda!


I’m not sure how the integration with Reminders will be done, but could it be possible work aroud sharing notes by sharing a list in reminders and having Agenda manage it? I think that would be awesome.