Small/Laptop Screen Space Managment

Any options to minimize the real estate utlization? Adding multiple notes consumes a lot of space if you consider the spacing and the GUI box containing the notes? See diagram if I am not making sense?


I understand your intentions but don’t think that would be a good idea. The reason is that we on purposely designed Agenda without much chrome, i.e. few borders, boxes, etc. It does mean that whitespace is the only way we can demarcate where one note ends and the next begins for example. If we were to remove the whitespaces you are highlighting, the entire project quickly becomes one big mumble jumble…

It may not be the best idea, but looking for ideas to customize the screen. I like how some apps enable users to stack notes as collapsible tiles.
BTW, good progress on Agenda. I abandoned my premium subscription for most of 2020 and it is looking better already.

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