Small graphical glitch

When I open Agenda 18.0.1 (280) on Mac, it goes to my last edited note, which is two lines high. Here is how the bottom right of the note looks like
Capture d’écran 2023-07-31 à 10.26.47
If I click on the gear icon, suddenly the icons appear cropped

At that point if I dismiss the menu the icons remain cropped
Capture d’écran 2023-07-31 à 10.23.31

If I navigate to another note in the same view/project, the issue remains.
If I navigate to another view/project and come back, the issue disappears (the icons are not cropped anymore).

FWIW if I click on the “open in new window” icon, the icons in the newly opened window are cropped as well
Capture d’écran 2023-07-31 à 10.29.24

For completeness, the note contains two lines of text plus a third empty line, with the cursor on the last line

Thanks for reporting this.

Are you on one of Apple’s beta OSes?

Is this fully reproducible? Ie does it happen every time you do this? Does it only happen for 2 lines? Other amounts? Bigger notes?

No, I am not on a beta OS, I am on 13.4.1 (c) (22F770820d)

This is reproducible on some of my notes. Not on new notes. I must have done something that triggers this bug in some notes. The notes on which this happens are not empty but contain only two or three lines of text. I see the bug on longer notes but it is harder to trigger.

I have attached a note in which this bug happens. It happens when I select the note.
NEXT.agenda (1.1 KB)

I am not completely sure, but I have an idea it could be related to changing the note font. Switching between San Francisco and Avenir for instance. Also note that I am working with an external monitor.

In this short screencast, as I move the cursor up and down inside a note, the height of the note appears to change, and the icons shift up and down.
By doing this I am able to leave the note in a state that when changing the font triggers the bug.

Thanks, we’ll investigate.

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This is an issue I’ve emailed feedback on before, if a note has an empty line at the bottom, and then drag the main window to reduce the size of the window, you’ll see the pinion in the bottom right corner of that note is cropped

Useful to test. Thanks for that. We’ll see if we can reproduce and fix this.

I’m seeing this too. In a note of any size, if the last line is completely empty (no bullet, nothing), resizing the window crops the bottom-right action icons.