Small feature request for quicker timeline navigation

Often I just want to quickly jump back today on the timeline pane e.g. I really like how Fantastical allows us to click the month/date to focus on/jump back to today and would really like to see some semblance of that in Agenda.

Also, I noticed that the pop out widget (UI calendar and jumplist) on clicking the timeline calendar icon doesn’t consistently place the widget depending on the window location on the screen and messes with muscle memory – screenshots below.


  1. double click timeline calendar icon to jump to today

  2. consistent location of UI calendar/jumplist on clicking calendar icon, preferably the latter

center aligned when agenda window doesn’t reach the top of the screen:
center aligned

top aligned when agenda window reaches top of the screen/maximized:
top aligned

If you scroll far enough that the current date is no longer in view, Agenda places a little circle to the right of the calendar icon and month indicator. Press that circle, and it will jump back to today:



Ahh thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately the positioning of the sheet is done by the system and we can’t control it at the level you suggest. Having said that, in the next update we have some significant improvements to keyboard navigation of these views, which means you don’t even need to touch the mouse if you want.

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I’d really like that circle to always be visible. Otherwise I have to visually scan the calendar to find today, which is an unnecessary overload.

This may seem lazy, but this is often annoying when I’m in a hurry trying to open notes associated with a meeting that’s just starting.


Ok, we’ll see if that can be improved.


I’ve just noticed that on the iPad the ‘go to today’ circle is always present, but in Mac I have to click where I think it should be, and on the iPhone it doesn’t seem to appear at all.
Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 16.00.56

Thanks, we’ll have a look at making things consistent.

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