Small cosmetic glitch in preferences

In the first panel of the preferences dialog, there is one horizontal dividing line above the “Premium Options” section. In the french translation, that horizontal line overlaps the previous checkbox.
I’m guessing this has to do with the french text being longer than the english version and pushing the horizontal line upwards.

Thanks Vincent, probably due to the long description of sync. @cortig could we try to shorten that phrase below the iCloud button?

@cortig something that might work:
“Les notes et pièces liées seront stockées sur iCloud. Assurez-vous d’être authentifié sur iCloud avec le même compte sur tous les appareils et qu’iCloud y est activé.”

Is there a policy for/against écriture inclusive? “Assurez-vous d’être authentifié-e” could work too :wink:

I changed to “Les notes et pièces liées seront stockées sur iCloud. Assurez-vous qu’iCloud est activé sur tous les appareils que vous y êtes authentifié avec le même compte.”

As for inclusive writing, I have nothing against it BUT it has to be consistent throughout the entire app.
There is no way for me to simply search to find all the strings that might be affected. If we want to use inclusive writing, I’d have to review all the strings one by one to make sure… Not impossible, but extremely time consuming for sure :unamused:

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