Slack Integration

Our company uses Slack. It would be nice if there were some sort of integration to be able to add a tag either in Slack or Agenda - preferable both. Thanks!

Do you mean a link when you say “tag”? You should already be able to use Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link to make a link that you can put in Slack that will open your agenda to that note. The problem is, Slack is collaborative, and all server based, so the link would only work for you, nobody else.

Short of moving all of Agenda to the cloud, this would be difficult to do. We have ideas for collaborative features, but no plans at this point to make it a cloud app like slack. It’s more a personal productivity tool.

Your best options in terms of collaborating at this point are probably exporting notes, and posting them to slack. You could take meeting notes, for example, and export as RTF or PDF for others to see. If they have Agenda too, you can use Agenda Archive export to give them a duplicate of the notes you take.

Thanks. Your suggested solution works well.

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