Sketch on Agenda using Apple Pencil

Hi, I bought Agenda in 2018 and I checking back if the hand writting feature has made it to the 2020 release. Any plans for sketch / handwritten feature in Agenda ?

We do have support for drawing/writing with Apple Pencil now. That has been in there for around 6 months I think.

What we don’t have is handwriting recognition, where the handwriting gets turned into text. For that, I would recommend a handwriting keyboard like Marzec.

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I’m sorry, but I have to disagree…

Agenda allows you sketch or taking handwritten notes “in one attachment”. Still is not posible sketch o taking handwritten text in one note (like in Notes from Apple).

Please, don’t lose the sense of the difference… Please.

We are unlikely to go that way. We made the decision to make writing/drawing a full screen thing, and don’t have any plans to change that at this stage.

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Muchas gracias por la gestión y reciba un cordial saludo.

Please show me how to use the Apple Pencil within Agenda. I have been trying for DAYS. It’s for sure a hidden how to

There’s two ways you can use the pencil.

  1. insert a sketch by using the plus button above the keyboard:

  1. by writing with the Apple Pencil directly anywhere inside any of the notes. For this you need to have iOS14 on your iPad and use the latest (version 11) update of Agenda.