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Siri Shortcuts for iOS 12 would be great and almost seems essential. Bear uses it to create new notes. I’m surprised this wasn’t a priority. The apps that support it are getting a lot of media attention.

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Siri Shortcuts is in the new version already. You can’t yet create new notes with it, but it is great for taking you to particular notes or projects.

Once you have opened the projects you are interested, or edited the notes, these actions become available as Siri Shortcuts, and you can add them in the Settings under Siri.

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Adding Agenda Function Items to Siri Shortcuts would be a HUGE boon for me and my desire to work with this app. I LOVE IT…but things like this hold me back when I can use Shortcuts w/ BEAR.

BEAR Shortcut integration allows for Search, Note Creation, Content retrieval, etc. I would love to have those options with Agenda…

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We definitely want to expand the abilities in terms of what you can do with Siri Shortcuts

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Just curious, how many notes do you have in Bear at one time?

I am not sure what you mean by “at one time”, but i fill Bear with pretty much anything. Thoughts, Project Updates, docs, images, how tos, drafts. I have created a few Siri shortcuts with Bear to create notes, move things into notes, and create and file PDFs from notes. Agenda is only playing the role of meeting planner currently because of its scheduling ability. I would rather just move everything to Agenda, because I like it a lot better. :slight_smile:

I used Bear. I liked Bear. But apparently I didn’t use it to the extent and depth that you do. For me Bear was more for Note creation than as a Note repository if I understand your workflow. So when Agenda came on to my radar, it became my note creator as well as repository. Bear became redundant. Aside from its potentially more robust integration with Shortcuts, Bear does have the advantage of being able to ‘scribble’ thoughts to a note, but it was not enough of a feature to keep me using it, since I could use other apps to ‘scribble’ and now with attachments insert them into Agenda notes as needed. Takes a few more steps, but.

I was not having buyers remorse with Agenda, just trying to understand what a seasoned Bear user found ‘lacking’ in Agenda compared to Bear.

Thanks for explaining.

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Update: We since added support for iOS Shortcuts and x-callback-urls, see the Shortcuts section in this community where you can find out more.