Single Note Public Link (Sharing)

Hi team,

I work on a big tech finance company and rely on a bespoke combination of Agenda and Notion for my personal workflow. This feature is aimed at expanding it to my work and teams that I manage; potentially suggesting Agenda as a new tool for the company.


This suggested feature would be an invaluable increment to my personal workflow (and potentially to my teams) where an individual note is made public for reading/review, anywhere, via a link accessible to common web browsers.


User is able to generate a public link to an individual note.


  • non-agenda users can be invited to review/read a particular note (link-only)
  • note content can be made available/unavailable to non-agenda users as needed


  • notes can be publicly commented (either anonymously or via onboarding new users on the free tier)
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Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, this is something we have thought about and would like to do. It would probably be a first step onto the web for us. Can’t give any timeframes, but we are with you on this.

In the meantime, you can expect our first collaboration features to appear in the coming months. We are just finishing up on those now.