Sidebar refresh not automatically after adding or modifying notes or folders

I added several (sub)categories and moved notes. The sidebar is not automatically refreshed after hitting done or apply. I need manually to collapse and expand a category to see the changes. This is not handy. I expect a refresh of the sidebar after every and any modification. Seems like a bug.

Can you explain what exactly is not refreshed? Are you changing the name of a category or project?

Are you sure it isn’t a glitch? If you kill/quit the app, and launch again, does the problem persist?

I create a new sub category and it did not show-up in the sidebar. After collapsing the main category, and thereafter expand the same main category the sidebar shows the correct category tree. It is not a glitch since everything else works fine. In some case it helps restarting the Agenda-app, but this should not be the normal procedure :wink:

Since I’m not changing the sidebar elements that often, I can work with the “workaround”. But it looks like a UI thing.

Hi Ronald, is this on Mac or iOS/iPadOS? Also, is this true for any category or does it work properly if you add a subcategory to some other category?

Hi. This is on MacOS 12.1. After analysis I think it maybe has to do with the purchase of the premium set in the same Agenda “session”. Because to day it works fine, no problems so far. So coming back to Drew’s response, it was solved after a “quit” and restart of the application.

The refresh issue applies to all elements in the left sidebar (i.e., projects, categories, and sub-categories). And any nesting. The workaround on the issue was to “click” on one of the sidebar elements (e.g., collapse/expand or create new element).

That’s very odd, let me know if it happens again!