Sidebar appearance and usability on Mac and iOS

Categories in Sidebar are grey, small and the eyes can’t localize them quickly (they are clients in my workflow). On the opposite, projects are bigger more contrasted and icons cannot be hidden. Moreover the Archived is always visible and interfere with the visibility of projects. I find difficult to get use to it. From my point of vue, it would improve the useability of sidebar if:
We can customize font-size/color (if not, at least make categories bigger)
Hide icons (or personnalize them tagcon style)
Hide Archived

Thanks and best.


Thank you for your feedback, we’ll take it on board!

I would endorse

Perhaps it would help if you click in the :heart: button, so they can use it to prioritise further improvements.

I agree in general. The GUI is to fragile in particular with iOS. I used Agenda on the 8 Plus.
I would have preferred to see clear buttons instead of pressing in an (invisible) area to trigger something, yes, something different sometimes.
Of course it is a question of taste: I never liked the font (very thin letters), waste of space.