Side-scroll in tables

I love using tables, but in Agenda they don’t seem to support side-scrolling. This means if you have a table with ten or so columns then those columns become really narrow in order to fit them all onscreen at once, and you can’t type any longish words in cells without them being split over multiple lines. This is the case on both iOS and MacOS, and sadly makes Agenda tables unusable for most of my multi-column needs.

What I’d love to see is an implementation similar to that in the native Notes app, where tables appear as in-line elements which you can scroll in all directions, side to side as well as up and down. In the works? Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually wasn’t even aware Notes did that. I had never seen it before. Seems to do it at some threshold width.

We will keep it in mind. Not sure it is a great solution for a note taking app. To begin with, if you even want to print to send your notes, they will be cropped, I assume.

We didn’t really have large tables in mind when creating the feature. Sounds like your needs are more complex. To be honest, I think you would be better to create complex tables in, say, Numbers, and add the Numbers file to Agenda as an attachment. You can then edit things how you want, and get all the extra power of the other app, which we could never compete with in a note taking app.

Thanks for the feedback! We will think about scrolling.


In addition I would like to add the following. I have difficulty to scroll up or down in a table (on iPhone 12 Pro Max, IOS 14.4). I have a table of 4 columns and 8 rows. When I want to just read it and swipe through it up or down I find myself unintentionally selecting three (or so) columns with the option to cut, copy or past them, which is not what I want (and the scrolling freezes). There is only a very small margin in the right which allows me to scroll freely, which I don’t use in the flow of swiping through projects. I would rather see a read-only/edit button next to a table to prevent unintentionally selecting while scrolling. Is this possible? Overall a great app!

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Thanks for letting us know. We will see if we can avoid the selection during scrolling.

Thanks! :+1: